How to generate a new Ethereum address

How to generate a new Ethereum address

They have different account systems on Bitcoin and Ethereum

Bitcoin and Ethereum are different design ideas for account systems. So their transaction systems are not the same.

Today, I will ignore Bitcoin and more explain about Ethereum.

  • Bitcoin uses Unspent Transaction Output.
  • Ethereum uses the normal account system.
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What is the value of Blockchain?

What is the value of Blockchain?

What is the Value?

We need to define the value before when we talk about the value of blockchain.

I think that there are two simple kinds of value.

  1. It can bring benefits to human civilization.
  2. Some people want it and pay a good price.

They are completely different, but they do not conflict with each other.

Things could be used those means to explain their value. For Examples:

Electric Power In my opinion, electric power brings benefits to human civilization. And normal people get it very cheap.

Hermès’s bag From my point of view luxury goods doesn’t bring anything to human civilization. But they are very very expensive.

SpaceX’s rocket I honestly think that the rocket brings great benefits to human civilization, and it is very expensive.

Current the article As far as I’m concerned, this article neither brings anything to human civilization, nor no one wants to pay any price.

If you ask me what is the value of blockchain now, I need to know which value is you asked for.

I will discuss each value of blockchain below.

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What is the biggest problem with Web3?

What is the biggest problem with Web3?

Recently, I was studying so much knowledge about Web3. Then one question is always in my head.
Why Web3 is the further? Why?
I know we can get so many cool things by Web3.

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