What is the biggest problem with Web3

What is the biggest problem with Web3

Recently, I was studying so much knowledge about Web3. Then one question is always in my head.
Why Web3 is the further? Why?
I know we can get so many cool things by Web3.

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What is the biggest problem with Web3

Web3 and Blockchain are very cool things. But I want to talk about the biggest problem with Web3 - Human!

Simple logic

Crypto is infrastructure on Web3. I don’t use a computer and most people can’t understand the hash data. Our body can’t do a complex thing like decrypt a hash string. So even NFTs are very popular right now. It cannot solve the problem of piracy.

As a human, we must eat food, go to the bathroom, sleep, etc. We can’t leave the physical world. If we leave then we will die.

Next Generation Civilization

I always think a robot will replace humans as a new civilization. Let us imagine a robot to uses Web3. Every encrypted thing will be decrypted quickly between them. They truly own property without having to rely on the law. It’s so natural.


Image by Sammy-Sander from Pixabay


Ewan Xiao

Posted on

May 24th 2022

Updated on

July 5th 2022

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